Getting the Right View

Why “Hosted” is Important

​ When people ask me what ICI Innovations does, I explain that we provide hosted business solutions that focus on tools for content management and interactive data visualization. Most people have a concept of what content management is, such as the central storage of documents and processes to support their collaborative use. Happily, quite a few people also have an idea of what data visualization is, as it is increasingly becoming a common method for media outlets, such as The Upshot from the New York Times, to explain trends and events. What many people have a hard time understanding is the hosted part. They quickly grasp that it means an environment that is not theirs will be used to access the solution, but beyond that, it is a bit mysterious. Earlier this week I read a short article by Wendy Fox, in the Oil and Gas Magazine which did a really nice job of summing up how cloud services can help your organization. All topics, with the exception of one that focused on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), directly apply to the solutions ICI Innovations provide. Please read the article below to learn how our use of the cloud  to provide hosted solutions can help your organization and contact ICI Innovations to see it in action.

The Cloud, Oil and Gas Magazine, Summer 2014 Edition