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ReportViz Allows Users to Assess Impact of Oil and Gas Exploration

In August 2019, the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (IAA) awarded a contract to ICI Innovations (ICI), for the development of an interactive reporting and mapping system for use by the general public and industry as part of IAA’s Regional Assessment of Offshore Oil and Gas Exploratory Drilling East of Newfoundland and Labrador (RA). The data to be contained within […]

ICI Innovations and Everbridge Deliver Visual Command Center to the Maritime Exchange for the Delaware River and Bay

For immediate release, June, 2018 ICI Innovations Inc. (ICI) today announced the completion of the Automatic vessel Information System (AIS) for the Maritime Exchange for the Delaware River and Bay, a non-profit trade association and leading advocate for port and related businesses in the Delaware River region. As part of the Exchange’s industry leading Maritime On-Line® […]

Tracking Irma

So I am sure you were faced with news updates all weekend regarding Hurricane Irma. Most people have some familiarization with the state as they have vacationed there or have family there during some part of the year, and Irma was touted as an extreme storm (as seen by its devastating impact on islands in […]

Nalcor Energy Makes the Move to Visual Command Center

Recently ICI Innovations completed the migration of Nalcor Energy’s Exploration Strategy System (NESS) from Visual Fusion 6.0 to Visual Command Center 5.5. Please see our case study for the initial implementation of NESS for more information about the application. The primary driver for the migration was Visual Fusion’s reliance on Silverlight for providing a rich […]

ICI Innovations Explained

One of the first questions asked of a new company is how it got its name, and in the case of ici innovations, what it means. So here it is. ICI is an acronym for Interactive Context and Insight, while innovations describes what we work to achieve each day. Ici also means here in French, […]

Why “Hosted” is Important

​ When people ask me what ICI Innovations does, I explain that we provide hosted business solutions that focus on tools for content management and interactive data visualization. Most people have a concept of what content management is, such as the central storage of documents and processes to support their collaborative use. Happily, quite a few people also have an idea of what […]