ICI Innovations Explained

One of the first questions asked of a new company is how it got its name, and in the case of ici innovations, what it means. So here it is. ICI is an acronym for Interactive Context and Insight, while innovations describes what we work to achieve each day. Ici also means here in French, which we thought was fun, as geography is very important to what we do. We wanted to come up with a catchy name, but it was more important to have a name that reflects what we do. As you can see from either of the demonstration applications on our company’s home page, our solutions are all about providing information in the right context so better actions can be made. Through the use of highly interactive and intuitive software, our customers explore their data in exciting ways, which provides value to their business by making them better at what they do. We use compelling products, such as Visual Fusion by IDV Solutions, as well as data exploration and visualization tools that we develop to solve a problem. The word innovation is used quite a lot these days and many think of it in the context of a new flashy device, but we like to think of innovation a little differently. It is very hard, if not impossible to regularly come up with a radical new idea that redefines or disrupts a market, but introducing a new idea that has a small, but measurable impact is quite achievable. For example, one of our solutions needed to compare seismic imagery while exploring an area, which was difficult using traditional image display tools. To address the problem we quickly created a new tool that easily showed differences between several seismic   images by simply moving a cursor across the screen. Creating a company that continually strives to think of new ways to address all of the issues our customers face, no matter how small, will result in innovative solutions that ultimately change the way business is done by our clients.